Commercial Access Control

Texarkana & New Boston, TX, And Surrounding Areas


Get A Commercial Access Control System In Texarkana & New Boston, TX And Surrounding Areas

Protect Your Property From Intruders

Don’t allow just anyone to walk into your building. Beef up security with an industrial control access system in Texarkana, TX or Texarkana, AR. Prime Tech Systems will design a customized system for your facility. We work at all kinds of buildings, from churches to schools.

A team member will tour the grounds with you to get a better idea of how to design your access control system. We’ll then discuss your security needs and finalize the design.

You’ll feel safer with an industrial access control system installed at your Texarkana, AR, Texarkana & New Boston, TX area property. Call 903-278-0830 now to schedule a free site survey.

Get The Features That Work Best For Your Building

Prime Tech Systems can add any security features you want to your access control system. Choose from:

  • Intercom buttons so you’ll see who’s requesting access before you let them in
  • Key card access panels to make sure the person entering your building has permission
  • Number pads so authorized employees can enter a code before entering your building

Rest easy knowing the right people have access to your facility. Contact us today to schedule a commercial access control system installation in Texarkana, TX, Texarkana, AR or a surrounding area.