What are the different types of commercial alarm systems?

If you want to install an alarm system in your office, you need the services of a company offering commercial alarm systems near Texarkana, AR. Such a firm will evaluate the exact need of your commercial space and office and then suggest a suitable alarm system. Say, for instance, you have a small office space with a limited number of employees, then you can install an alarm system that provides you with essential video surveillance of the floor. However, if you have ample office space, you need an integrated alarm system that ensures your employees and customers’ safety and security. Thus, depending on the size of your business and the expected daily footfall, you must install an alarm system. Here is all that you must know about a commercial alarm system.

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What alarm systems can you opt for in your commercial space?

When you plan to install an alarm system in your commercial space, the first thing you need to do is find out more about the available alarm systems in the market. You can choose to install a fire alarm system, a surveillance, a CCTV surveillance, but how do you decide which is the one that is ideal for your company? Here are the types of alarm systems that are commonly used by companies and their unique features that will give you an idea of the type of alarm systems that are suitable for commercial space:

Video surveillance

According to experts with a firm offering commercial alarm systems near Texarkana, TX, video surveillance is the most common integrated alarm system installed in commercial spaces. Here you will have cameras in the entrances, and you can connect the alarm systems to your office’s windows and other entrance points. If there is any forced entry into the commercial space, the perpetrator will set off the alarm system, and the authorities will be alerted. Video surveillance and an integrated alarm system can be quite helpful in preventing acts of vandalism and thievery. The fact that you have installed cameras and an integrated alarm system will deter criminals from entering your commercial property.

Fire alarm system

An essential part of the integrated alarm system is to include the fire alarm system as a part of the preventive measures that you can take to protect your property from any sudden fires. A fire alarm system can get activated in case of an electric spark or a sudden fire caused by the carelessness of an employee. For instance, if your employee has thrown a half-burnt cigarette into a dustbin, it can cause a dangerous fire. Here an integrated fire alarm system can be quite helpful in preventing it from becoming a major disaster.

Installing CCTV cameras

If you have a reasonably large office, consider installing CCTV cameras inside and outside your commercial space. If you hire a firm offering commercial alarm systems near New Boston, TX, to install CCTV surveillance systems inside and outside your office, ensure that you have a significant footfall in your commercial centre. For example, you own an ample commercial space, and visitors visit your office regularly. In that case, a CCTV surveillance system helps keep track of the people coming to your office. You can identify the outsiders and your employees by seeing CCTV footage, which will prevent you from making any accusations without proper evidence. This is also essential to protect the assets in your office.

Thus, you will find several types of surveillance and alarm systems you can install in your commercial space. While installing one, you need to consider the retail space’s size and the alarm system’s utility. If you have a specific requirement, you must discuss it with the service provider, like a company offering commercial alarm systems near Clarksville, TX. Such a company can guide you in selecting the best alarm system for your commercial space.

Does a commercial space require an integrated video surveillance system?

Regarding a commercial space, you will find that the video surveillance requirement differs from a residential property. One of the primary reasons for this is that the number of people entering and leaving a commercial space is significantly higher than a house. In a residential area, you can fix a video camera at the entrance, and that might be enough to deter criminals. Still, you must set up a proper video surveillance system in a commercial space to prevent vandals and criminals. The surveillance system must be connected with an alarm so that you get complete security in your office.  Here are the factors that your need to remember while installing a video surveillance system in your office:

  • Location of the cameras: A commercial space has several entrance points, and you can access these from different parts of the building. For instance, your office must have a parking area beneath the building, and your employees can access the main office building through elevators from the parking areas. Similarly, your office must have a main entrance leading to the lobby, a restricted entrance area, a fire escape and several such entrance points.

Now you must monitor all the access points to identify the people entering and leaving the building from these access points. It will help if you put up cameras in the parking areas, elevators, stairs, and even the restricted areas for the safety and security of your employees. Thus, selecting the location of the cameras for the integrated alarm system is essential in the case of commercial space.

  • Video surveillance with real-time monitoring: Another factor you need to remember when you opt for a video surveillance system for a commercial space is that it should allow real-time monitoring. For this, you need CCTV cameras that will give you an idea of the location of your employees and customers in real-time. Video surveillance with real-time monitoring is essential in retail spaces, banks, departmental stores, and similar commercial spaces. You will also find a separate security room from where the monitoring is done, making it easier to act if the alarm is tripped. Here you have the video monitoring connected with an integrated sensitive alarm system that makes it easier to identify criminal activities.

It might seem intrusive to place alarm systems in a commercial space that customers frequent, but surveys show that customers usually prefer an integrated alarm system. A video alarm system is in place not just for the security of the employees but for the customers as well. It is not an intrusion on their privacy but for their safety.

For instance, if you place a video surveillance system with an integrated alarm system in a departmental store, it is for the safety and benefit of the customer. Suppose you are suddenly faced with a situation where the store is being vandalized, and customers are trapped there. In that case, the alarm system is the only way to ensure the authorities are notified about the criminal activity.

This is essential for the safety of the customers and the store. According to experts associated with a company that installs commercial alarm systems near Nash, TX, such alarm systems help to gain customers’ confidence. Moreover, you can use the recordings of the CCTV cameras, and the integrated alarm system will provide you with the evidence you need to identify the criminals. You can hand over the tapes to the investigative agencies to make it easier for them to identify the perpetrators. It will protect your business, employees, and your customers.

What are some of the other benefits of commercial surveillance systems?

When installing a commercial alarm system in your office, it is essential to evaluate its additional benefits. Besides protecting your office premises from criminal activities, you will find several other benefits of installing an alarm system. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Resolving business disputes: If any conflicts arise between your employees and managers, video surveillance can help you settle the disputes. It becomes easier to find the exact cause of the problem and resolve the matter before it goes out of hand. Sometimes you will find that your employees are often not to blame, and the managers take advantage of their superior position. Here you can use the video recordings to evaluate the exact situation and take a call on the issue.
  • Video surveillance can be helpful in the retail sector: In apparel stores, you will find that customers often need help finding the items they are looking for, and they often move from rack to rack in a lost manner. Here a CCTV camera recording customers’ behaviour can help direct the floor staff to help the customers. You can improve your customers’ shopping experience with the help of video surveillance. Although this is not a part of the alarm system, you will find that it can help your company’s overall productivity. Your customers will be satisfied with the support they receive from your floor managers, making it easier for them to identify the items they need.
  • Reducing additional security expenses: When you have an integrated video surveillance and alarm system, it can be quite helpful in lowering your other security expenses. Consider a scenario where your commercial space primarily consists of storage areas. Here you can install CCTV cameras that you can monitor from a centralized security system. It would help if you had security guards stationed at all entrance points. When you have a centralized alarm system, it will be tripped in case of any criminal activity. This will reduce labour expenses; you do not have to pay the individual security guards. Paying for round-the-clock security guards stationed at all strategic locations can be expensive, and a commercial alarm and surveillance system can help you reduce it.
  • Complete coverage of the entire commercial space: A centralized alarm system’s essential benefit is its comprehensive coverage. Similarly, suppose you are the owner of a factory or a commercial space that houses toxic chemicals or are in waste management. In that case, having humans covering all thoroughfares is not possible. But you need to have eyes on all parts of your factory or the commercial space. In such a situation, video surveillance with an integrated alarm system can be helpful. It will provide you with the necessary information if there is any criminal activity or untoward incident and protect all sections of your commercial space.

When you look for a small business alarm system, you need to evaluate the utility of the alarm system for your company specifically. You need to discuss your company’s requirements with your service provider so that he can suggest a suitable integrated system for your company. A simple video surveillance system is usually sufficient for a small commercial space. Still, if many visitors come to your office, you might have to opt for a more integrated alarm system every day.

Does a surveillance system deter criminals?

If you install a surveillance system in your office, it can act as a deterrent to criminals and vandals. The primary reason for this is the surveillance system will record the activity of the criminal or the vandal damaging the property. Hence, they will not want to risk detection and avoid your commercial space.

Surveys show that commercial spaces with a sound surveillance system are less likely to be robbed. Criminals do not want to be watched or recorded while stealing a place, so they will avoid a building with a video surveillance system. Moreover, they know that the response time of the police department will be faster in the case of a building fitted with an alarm system. Thus, they are bound to avoid your office.

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